China Yangzi River Map

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Yangzi River Map

Stretching to nearly 4,000 miles, the Yangzi is the third largest river in the world and wirhout a doubt China's single most important river artery.

Inside are rhree large scale, high quality, hypsomerric shaded relief maps and 28 color photographs derailing both historic and scenic sites-the first map shows from the Yangzi's headwaters to Chongqing-the second from Chongqing to Yichang featuring the Three Gorges with fascinating information to guide you upstream or downstream-the third from Chongqing to the Yangzi's mouth below Shanghai.

. 8 Easy-to-use maps with infonnative captions describing numerous fascinating geographical and cultural details

. First comprehensive map of the entire Yangzi River

. Artist's impression of the finished Three Gorges Dam

. 28 Superb color photographs of the people and surrounding countryside by explorer Wong How Man