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Walk Madeira

Madeira - The Garden Island. For a popular holiday destination Madeira is unusual in not appealing to the general beach holidaymakers. Beautiful gardens, spectacular scenery and a tourist industry still based on visiting cruise ships, appeals to a more mature and discerning type of traveller. Forget the massed hordes of tattooed tourism and indulge yourself in a genteel vacation which reflects the 'old world' charm of the island.

Wire-O spiral binding so Walk! Madeira will lay-flat while reading and fold-back on itself when in use on the trail.

Every walking routes has;

- fully detailed walk descriptions including frequent timings to aid navigation and to judge your progress.

- summary of the route.

- grading system for Effort, Time, Distance, Ascents/Descents, Refreshments and Vertigo Risk.

- 1:25,000 scale map section of the walking route.

- GPS Waypoints for routes with good GPS coverage.

- information on how to access the route by bus or car.

Routes have been specifically chosen for their accessibility by bus and car.

Island and Regional maps are included to quickly locate each walking route, along with a comprehensive index to easily find the places you are looking for. With interesting background information, bus information and walking equipment, Walk! Madeira will give you weeks of walking exploring Madeira’s spectacular landscapes.

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