Bike Australia

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Bike Australia, Cycling Australia from Perth to Sydney Epic guide

Australie is zeer geschikt voor een lange afstands fietstocht, dit engelstalige fietsrouteboek beschrijft de route van Perth (Western Australia) in het westen naar Sydney (New South Wales) aan de oostkust. De gids is ook geschikt om trajecten uit te fietsen van enkele dagen, zoals de tocht langs de rivier Murray River of door de Blue Mountains

This comprehensive guide traces a bike touring route from Perth to Sydney, crossing Australia from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific. Whether you are planning a leisurely ride along the Murray River for a few days, a trip across the Blue Mountains, or a trans-continental epic, go prepared:

Australia is a great place to tour - one of the great cycling frontiers. This guide aims to provide the information needed to undertake part, or all, of a journey across Australia. The tour is a direct route following main roads. It passes through remote wilderness areas, Australia's rural heartland, and the cities of Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney - a total of four of Australia's six states. A highlight of the trip is the Nullarbor Plain, a vast expanse, beautiful in its own isolated and sparse way.

The guide is split into two parts. Part I deals with preparations for getting to Australia, when to come, and what to bring. Once you're in Australia it includes information on where to stay, what to expect touring on Australian roads, and how to get by in the Aussie culture. Part II describes the journey between Perth and Sydney. The route is divided into 30 stages, with each stage presented on 2 pages of the guide, as shown below. Other pages show maps and guides for towns you might consider spending rest days in, possible alternative routes, weather data, and colour photographs. Also included is a unique photographic record of the route: at 100km intervals between Perth and Sydney photographs give an idea of the terrain and road conditions that can be expected across Australia.