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Best of Brussels

Refined information to help you make the most of a quick trip away.- THE TIMES


Sublime architecture, legendary beer, enticing muse­ums, heavenly chocolate - a wealth of attractions is concentrated in the urbane capital of Europe. With our discerning selection of the essential ingredients for a short stay, Best of Brussels puts the whole

in your pocket.

. NAVIGATE THE STREETS - easy-to-use fold-out maps, themed walking tours that take in Art Nouveau architecture and comic-strip murals

. INDULGE YOUR APPETITE - top restaurants, graceful grand cafes and old-time taverns to linger over lunch or sample an authentic brew

. STAY IN STYLE - the pick of hotels, whether you're looking for old-world grandeur or sleek modernity

. DISCOVER THE CITY - choice coverage of museums, gardens and galleries, plus the best of the city's lesser known sights

. RETAIL THERAPY - all the shopping highlights, including elegant, glass-covered arcades and bustling flea markets


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