Iceland Road Atlas

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Iceland Road Atlas
A complete road and reference guide

Your key to Iceland in one handy volume

Includes colour maps and photographs, maps and place name index.
Iceland's entire road system plus its geography, culture, and history
Easy to use for travel in either direction

Including the highlands and all mountain roads. This essential guidebook accompanies you around the country. Organized around maps - of all the roads in the country including the highlands and all mountain roads, as well as street maps of towns and villages - it gives a running commentary on all you see, providing information and anecdotes relating not only to natural features but also to local social, political and literary history. In this version all road maps have been updated and a lot of new information added, for example the colors of the Icelandic Horse, Cow and Sheep. This book is the most detailed travel book on Iceland and includes all information one can imagine a traveler should need.

Key locations and the distances between them are listed at the top and bottom of each map.
Symbols indicate the various services available in the area.
Each map is accompanied by interesting information on the history and natural features of the area.
Words in bold type are listed in the index for easy reference.
Page numbers for information on other roads are provided at the bottom of the text.

Extensive information
. Detailed maps of the entire Icelandic road system
. Street maps of towns and villages
. Maps of numbered mountain roads
. Birds and birdwatching p. 510 - 521
. The Icelandic horse, cattle and sheep p. 522 - 527
. lighthouses along the Icelandic Coast p. 528 - 535
. Geothermal and Hydropower Stations p. 536 - 543
. Icelandic food p. 494 - 499
. Iceland's National Forests p. 38 - 41
. A Volcanic Park - Blatjoll p. 162 -163
. Blue Lagoon p. 224 - 225
. Health Care Centres in Iceland p. 564 – 567
. First Aid p. 558 - 563
. Information Centers in Iceland p. 32 - 35
. Post offices p. 52 - 53
. National Museum p. 54 - 55
. Traffic Signs p. 544 - 547
. Golf Courses p. 568 - 572
. Information on Mountain Roads p. 550 - 551
. Weather Information p. 552 - 553
. How to Drive in Iceland p. 58 - 59
. Index of 3000 Placenames p. 573 - 587
. Information on Accommodation, Petrol Stations, etc.
. Much, much more!